Matthew A Lefande


According to our records, Matthew Lefande has a solid estimated win rate and is highly experienced in overall cases.

Each case is different and the past record is no assurance that this lawyer will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case. The data on this page are estimates automatically computed from state court records and are not manually verified.

Estimated Win Rate in Overall Cases


Matthew has won an estimated 60.00% of overall cases. This lawyer has won at least 15 overall cases and lost at least 10 overall cases.

The estimated win rate is computed as wins divided by wins plus losses and does not count other case outcomes such as settlements or plea bargains or cases whose outcome cannot be determined by AI.

Overall Cases Handled

60 cases

Matthew has handled 60 overall cases.

Estimated Settlement Rate in Overall Cases


Matthew settles an estimated 44.44% of overall cases and litigates 55.56% of overall cases to conclusion. This lawyer has settled at least 20 overall cases and litigated to conclusion at least 25 overall cases.

Attorney's Recent Overall Cases

Case Name Filing Date Case Type Estimated Result
Mehari, Alehegn vs. District of Columbia 08/16/2016 Civil Ongoing
Redmond, Dwayne vs. District of Columbia Office of Employee Appeals 06/30/2016 Government Employment Ongoing
501 K Street Property Owner, LLC, et al. vs. Marcparc, Inc., et al. 06/09/2016 Contract Ongoing
Thorp, Mark vs. District of Columbia 04/04/2016 Civil Ongoing
Henderson, Kathy vs. Jvlhc, LLC, et al. 02/16/2016 Civil Ongoing
Trahan, Lauren vs. Lmw, LLC, et al. 12/07/2015 Personal Injury Ongoing
Lefande, Matthew August vs. District of Columbia 11/25/2015 Civil Loss
Markiewicz, Justin vs. District of Columbia 10/28/2015 Contract Loss
United States vs. Mehari 10/07/2015 Misdemeanor Win
Sullivan, Kathleen Anne vs. District of Columbia 08/20/2015 Civil Settled
District of Columbia vs. Sullivan 07/20/2015 DUI / DWI Ongoing
District of Columbia vs. Thorp 02/05/2015 Dealing Drugs Win
Morello, Frank D. vs. Zhou, Chao 12/24/2014 Contract Loss
Kim, Jong vs. Zhou, Chao 12/24/2014 Contract Settled
Henderson, Kathy vs. Thorp, Mark, et al. 12/02/2014 Contract Win
District Title vs. Warren, Anita K., et al. 09/02/2014 Personal Property Transferred
Emergency Vehicle Installations Corp vs. District of Columbia 08/29/2014 Contract Settled
Thorp, Mark vs. Femrite, Chris, et al. 08/22/2014 Eviction Settled
Elite Insurance & Services, LLC vs. Simu, Teodora, et al. 08/01/2014 Contract Win
Simu, Teodora A., et al. vs. Carvalho, Sharra N. 05/01/2014 Contract Win
Brodsky, Charles L. vs. Hirt, Timothy Terence, et al. 02/04/2014 Contract Win
Cannon, Louis P., et al. vs. District of Columbia 01/23/2014 Civil Loss
Emergency Vehicle Installations, Corp. vs. District of Columbia 01/14/2014 Contract Settled
Falken Industries LLC vs. Family Research Council 12/17/2013 Contract Settled
Matthew August Lefande Attorney At Law Pllc vs. Twin T's LLC 12/09/2013 Contract Settled

Attorney's Top Practice Areas

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