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Office Of Atty General Dept Of Human Resources Room 1015311 West Saratoga Street
Baltimore, Maryland

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Justice Toolbox publishes lawyer reviews based on win-loss records of actual court proceedings.

Our case data comes from the Maryland and Washington, D.C. court systems, with close to 5 million legal cases. Cases in other court systems are not in our system yet, unless provided by the lawyer. Also, our data does not include (1) cases that are inaccessible or missing from court systems and (2) legal work that occurs outside of court proceedings.

All of the data on this page are estimates automatically computed by an artificial intelligence (AI) program and are not manually verified. Technology does not always work, and our information could be wrong. However, we provide the name and case number of every case our data is based on, at the bottom of the page, so you can check the results yourself.

Each case is different and the past record is no assurance that this lawyer will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case.

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Attorney Statistics for Cases in Our Database

Win Rate

David has won an estimated 57.14% of legal cases in our database that were fully litigated. This lawyer has won at least 12 legal cases and lost at least 9 legal cases as shown in the pie chart. Win rates vary widely between different types of cases, so please view this attorney's individual practice area results below for more information.

The estimated win rate is computed based on fully litigated cases, meaning cases that were pursued to a win or loss. The percentage reported is wins divided by the sum of wins and losses and does not count other case outcomes such as settlements, plea bargains, or outcomes that could not be determined.


David has handled at least 63 legal cases in our database. The breakdown in estimated outcomes of these cases is shown in the pie chart. A lawyer's experience should be considered per practice area, so please view this attorney's individual practice area results below for more information.

Settlement Rate

David settles an estimated 46.15% of legal cases and litigates 53.85% of legal cases to conclusion, based on our database. This lawyer has settled at least 18 legal cases and litigated to conclusion at least 21 legal cases as shown in the pie chart.

For purposes of this chart, both settlements and plea bargains are counted as settlements, as opposed to cases litigated to conclusion.

Win Rate Comparison

Win rate comparison not displayed due to local rules.

Experience Comparison

David has handled more legal cases than the average attorney handling legal cases primarily for consumers in our database. The bar graph shows David's experience compared to the average.


David has a solid win rate (estimated) in legal cases in our database and is rated an excellent 5.0 or 4.5 stars in numerous practice areas.

David excels as a civil lawyer, earning high marks with a 5.0 star rating based on estimated win rate and experience. Some areas with particularly outstanding results are government and debt relief / collections cases.

David also handles contracts matters and earns a strong 4.0 star rating in that field.

Moreover, David appears to obtain impressive results in personal injury cases, meriting a 4.0 star rating.

Much more detailed information about this lawyer is presented in the charts and tables below.

Our Ratings

We rate David's performance in each case type, and we also show the attorney's performance statistics used to compute our quality rating. The data in the following table are estimates computed by our AI based on cases in our database.

Different legal areas require different knowledge, skills, and experience. An attorney's performance can be better or worse in different areas because of the different requirements. Some attorneys choose to specialize in specific areas, and the attorney's performance will typically be better in his or her area of specialty than in other areas. Note that table cells that are empty indicate that data is not available or not displayable. It does not indicate zero.

Click on the details button below to learn more about the attorney's rating and performance in that case type.

# Case Type
Win Rate Settlement /
Plea Rate
Total Cases Wins Losses Settled Plea
57.14% 46.15% 63 12 9 18 0 Details
57.14% 46.15% 63 12 9 18 0 Details
100.00% 25.00% 9 3 0 1 0 Details
100.00% 40.00% 10 3 0 2 0 Details
Debt Relief / Collections
50.00% 33.33% 3 1 1 1 0 Details
66.67% 50.00% 17 4 2 6 0 Details
Personal Injury
50.00% 50.00% 13 3 3 6 0 Details
Declaratory Judgment
  100.00% 3     3 0 Details
  0.00% 2     0 0 Details
Judgment Lien
  100.00% 1     1 0 Details
  100.00% 1     1 0 Details
Car Accident
    75.00% 4     3 0 Details
Employment Injury
    100.00% 1     1 0 Details
Real Estate
    0.00% 1     0 0 Details
Property Lien
    0.00% 1     0 0 Details


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David E Beller
Office Of Atty General Dept Of Human Resources Room 1015311 West Saratoga Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

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